"Best Self" What Does It Mean?

"Best Self" What Does It Mean?

Being your best self means to be able to push yourself past your own limits and reach goals from taking action to attain. To be the Best POSSIBLE version of yourself. To be the ultimate character you are. To not be afraid to be you and to not let people get under your skin about certain topics. To think that you are possible and can do anything you want to do.

You have a purpose and that is to be your best possible self. So people can look at you and think I can be like that too. So its like a ripple affect towards other people. It is a way of action that creates more action.

So being your best self can be who ever you are as an individual character that can do whatever they want in a positive manner that can help other people. To help people who are in need. To show people that talking to a stranger is NOT weird. That being yourself in a large group environment is not weird. You don't care what people have to say that does not improve you in any way.

You know you are in the best shape of your life. You know you are putting all your effort into your career, family, relationships and overall to be a better human everyday, every night and every occasion. 

That is truely what being your best self is.


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